What I learned today — Santee is small but sassy

The best part of my day was trying to unravel the team that put Santee, S.C., on the golf destination map.

My assignment is to write about the town of 800 as a golf destination, the likes of Myrtle Beach or Jacksonville — even Branson, Mo., makes more sense.

But, my, that town has chutzpa. I encountered three different websites that tout the area’s golf bona fides, quite a feat since there are only three courses in city limits, but 10 more within 20 miles.

One website lists contact information for Santee Tourism. It all funnels to city (village? town? burg?) hall, which, by the way, has an office in Canada. Really? Wow!

So my work to get to the bottom of this continues. Yes, I think a trip is in order. I’ve gotta see this for myself.

As it stands now, my lede is likely going to be along the lines of:

You know that scrappy, insane little terrier that has no concept of its size and it routinely backs down German shepherds (“eek!” the big dog thinks, “this odd-looking squirrel is on crystal meth kibble!”)? That’s Santee, S.C. But the shepherd in this case is Myrtle Beach. Rowf!

  1. #1 by RXM on August 23, 2011 - 4:07 pm

    I can’t wait to read you, Lisa. Wisdom is in such short supply these days. Welcome to the chorus of voices crying in vain in the wilderness.

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