Why badger business? Why not?

I started this blog because as a consumer and a business writer I encounter a lot of businesses. I’m not from the government, but I’m here to help.

For example, I send out applications to jobs that intrigue me. Who knows where it will lead? Lately, it’s led to disappointment in how unprofessional human resources departments have become. They don’t provide information about the job, they don’t outline expectations and agendas. It’s a guessing game. I’ll recount some of those experiences in coming blogs. Really, there are lessons in these encounters for everyone.

I also travel quite a bit, so I can see some regional differences in how people are treated, but the basics should be the same. So, I’ll post on the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not trying to call anyone out, I’m using examples. Some just happen to be bad.

Anyway, I’ll be posting regularly. Come back early and often.



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